Certainly not above a radiator! Plant stands to help potted plants

Windowsills in flats and houses seem to be the perfect place for plants. After all, that's where they have constant access to light. However, this is not always a good solution. Some potted plants can be harmed by the heat of a radiator and dry air. Especially during the heating season. The leaves start to turn yellow and dull. Plants wilt. Other species do not like direct exposure to the sun. Gentle spring rays do not harm them. However, hot and summer sun can be dangerous. Greenery at home is important. It has an impact on your mood. It can reduce stress levels. It filters the air. So it's worth taking proper care of these wonders of nature. 

All you need to do is equip yourself with two things. The first is knowledge. Even fundamentals will ensure that your plants grow healthily all year round. Read about the species you have in your home. Check what they like and what they don't like. Where they should be placed and how often they should be watered. Do you want lots of flowers? Are you afraid that you don't have a "memory for plants"? This is where technology can help. If you happen to forget what your plant needs, scan it with your phone using a dedicated app. There are several free apps available. You can also write down the information you need on post-it notes and stick them on the pots.

The knowledge is already there. Now it's time for the second thing. A plant stand. It will allow you to display your plants and provide the right conditions for them to grow. The MoonWood plant stand comes in several heights so that you can easily choose the right height for your plants. It is also versatile. Perfect not only for plants and not only in the living room...

Flower plant and green interiors The versatile stand for plants and decorations

The well-being of plants is close to your heart. You like to surround yourself with potted plants. You don't have to (and sometimes shouldn't) put them on your windowsill. Choose the MoonWood flower stand instead. It works well even in small rooms. You can choose between oak or beech. Both are available in several heights. They're slim, light and... versatile. An oak flower table will be an interesting and original addition to other wooden furniture in the living or dining room. A beechwood table can stand in a bedroom or hallway. There are many possibilities. It all depends on your needs and creativity.

This unique wooden stool for flowers has versatile use. It can be used to display potted plants. You have a lot of room for creativity here. There are many different kinds of plants in your collection. Place them on MoonWood stands at different heights. This will prevent the interior from becoming monotonous. Your home is dominated by wood and you are not afraid of surprising solutions. Think of placing beech and oak stands next to each other. You have one beloved flower. In this case, opt for the tallest stand. This will give the plant the attention it deserves. The high plant stand will also provide additional protection against... the nose of a curious dog, for example. 

For something more: the flower table. From living room to bathroom, from flowers to bedside lamp

The surprising MoonWood flower table can be integrated into any room. It is perfect as a plant stand in the dining room or living room. It will highlight the beauty of your plants. However, it has more uses. You can place a vase or a sculpture on it. It can become a decorative stool for ornaments, photo frames or candles. It can also be used as an auxiliary table for other small objects. A flower table put in the hall will be an unusual solution. You can lay your keys on it when you enter the flat. In a Scandinavian-style bedroom, the lowest of our flower tables will turn into surprising bedside tables. Two more lamps and you're good. There will be a place to put glasses, a book or the telephone before going to bed. The same models in the children's room will be an extra place to sit or will make for a drawing table. In a modern or loft flat, wooden flower tables will warm up the interior.

The table is easy to assemble without any tools. You can hide it in the wardrobe for the spring and summer and take it out when the heating season comes. But you probably won't need to. Oak and beech stands take up very little space. What's more, they are simply beautiful, durable and made with care. You will certainly be able to find an interesting use for them in no time. The heating season lasts for several months. Yet the season for interesting solutions, beautiful furniture and cosy interiors actually never ends. So bring more plants into your home. And not just because spring is knocking at the door. With MoonWood flowerbeds, greenery can surround you all year round.

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