The adventure with MoonWood begins when you already have your own unique place.

This is your place in the world where you feel safe. No wonder you make every effort to make it even more unique. You are arranging the new ones, or maybe you want to redo the already created ones. You have a specific vision in your head or you are just looking for it.

What do our customers value our products for?


Nasze meble wyprodukowane są z naturalnego drewna bukowego, dębowego oraz brzozowego. Są naturalnym zamiennikiem dla obecnego wszędzie plastiku.


Many customers appreciate the fact that our furniture is a 100% Polish product. The furniture production takes place in Poland from wood obtained from Polish forests.


MoonWood products can be easily purchased through the online store. Most of the products are available immediately!

We created the MoonWood brand out of passion for beautiful, natural furniture, breaking this division.

Our products are made of real wood obtained from Polish forests. We focus on unique design, also remembering about usability.

In what way?

We do not limit you with the size or color of the furniture. We know that these are important elements, so you decide about them. You can choose the color, height or even the shape of the top.

The possibility to change

What’s more, you have the opportunity to change. Why is this so useful? You know how quickly children grow out of their small furniture.

Our company is made up of people with a passion for wood.

We have been operating in this market since 1983, we have also cooperated with other furniture manufacturers. We guarantee you nature, modernity and above all, an affordable price. Do you need more arguments?

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