zł1,544.90 zł2,207.00
One of the most useful pieces of furniture in our home has always been a chest of drawers. You can store all sorts of things in it, from spools of thread to cosmetics, to lingerie. Our Scandinavian-style chest of drawers BOX has eight drawers that allow for endless storage possibilities. With it, your treasures will be organized and sorted, just as you...
zł1,198.40 zł1,712.00
The BOX RTV cabinet is minimalistic, scandinavian-style piece of furniture. This 4-legged RTV cabinet is perfect for those who appreciate simplicity. It has 3 shelves and 3 drawers, allowing you to store all necessary RTV components. The drawers' front is made of oiled oak wood, which gives it a classic character. The cabinet's body is made of durable MDF...

White BOX hanging shelf with wood

zł303.10 zł433.00
The hanging shelf from our BOX collection is a functional piece of furniture that is made from durable MDF painted in white color. The shelf features a natural oak wood finish on the shelf and sides, giving it a stylish Scandinavian look. It's a simple yet elegant design that will fit perfectly in any room, from modern living rooms to classic spaces. It...
zł856.80 zł1,224.00
The BOX coffe table is a unique piece of furniture that can serve many purposes in our home. It is most commonly used as a table where we can relax and have coffee with our loved ones. However, it can also be used as a cabinet for TV or audio equipment. Its multifunctionality constantly surprises us and we continue to find new uses for it. Delivered in...

Scandinavian-style bookcase BOX

zł1,027.60 zł1,468.00
Scandinavian style bookcase is a great piece of furniture for those who love simplicity and minimalism. It has 4 legs, 4 shelves and one drawer. The front of the drawer is made of oiled oak, which gives it a classic character. The body of the bookcase is made of durable MDF painted white. The bookcase is a great solution for those who have little space in...
zł1,332.80 zł1,904.00
The BOX collection RTV cabinet is a functional piece of furniture that is made of durable MDF board painted in black. The cabinet features 4 legs for easy cleaning underneath, as well as 3 shelves and 3 drawers for storing all necessary RTV components. The front of the drawers is made of oiled oak, giving it a natural and unique character that breaks up...
zł1,142.40 zł1,632.00
The Scandinavian style bookcase on legs in black color. The body of the furniture is made of MDF board, and the front of the drawer is made of solid oak wood. The high quality of the materials used ensures long-lasting use of the furniture. The bookcase will fit perfectly into the home office, living room or children's room. The product is shipped in the...
zł952.70 zł1,361.00
Coffe table from the BOX collection in Scandinavian style on legs. It has two shelves on the sides and a drawer in the middle. The table is made of high-quality materials such as solid oak and MDF. The table's simple form will not dominate the room, yet it is a piece of furniture characterized by exceptional quality of craftsmanship. We deliver in the...
zł1,270.50 zł1,815.00
Our BOX furniture collection has now been permanently joined by an extraordinary Scandinavian-style chest of drawers with 4 drawers. The fronts of the cabinet and drawers are made of rustic oak wood, finished with oil, while the body is lacquered white. The wood for the production of this chest of drawers is obtained entirely in a responsible manner,...

Black BOX hanging shelf with wood

zł314.30 zł449.00
A black hanging shelf with a solid oak top will fit perfectly into the living room. It is an ideal solution for rooms with limited space, so we can store items on the wall without losing space. It's delivered flat-packed for easy self-assembly. Dimensions: width x depth x height 150 cm x 20 cm x 19.5 cm Materials and finish: Body: MDF, white paint...
zł1,410.50 zł2,015.00
Scandinavian style chest of drawers with four drawers and a door with two shelves. The furniture is made of very durable materials - the body is made of MDF board and the fronts are made of solid oak wood. The body of the chest of drawers has been painted with black paint, while the wood is impregnated with colorless oil. This chest of drawers will fit...
zł1,715.70 zł2,451.00
The Scandinavian-style chest of drawers on high legs makes cleaning easier. It has 8 spacious drawers. The body of the chest of drawers is made of durable MDF board, while the drawer fronts are made of solid oak. The furniture is versatile and will serve its purpose in the bedroom, living room, children's room, or even hallway. Product is delivered in...

BOX collection

its design strongly refers to the Scandinavian style. Here, rustic oak wood has been combined with MDF board with a fashionable, matt white lacquer finish. The drawer bodies are made of plywood finished with oil. This adds extra value to the furniture. Competition usually uses cheap replacements here, made of chipboard finished with artificial veneer.

BOX furniture drawers are equipped with high-quality guides with a mechanism that causes automatic, silent closing. The hinges in the door of the chest of drawers are also self-closing. Their design ensures a slow and silent closing, without the characteristic sound of the door knocking against the body when closed.

Our furniture has its own unique character that will creatively arrange any space. When designing the BOX furniture collection, we had in mind the living room equipment. There will be a TV cabinet, a shelf to hang above the cabinet, a shelf to put next to it and two chests of drawers to choose from, and our occasional table will complement the entire arrangement of the living room.

Our interiors are constantly subjected to all kinds of transformations - from small changes resulting from the reorganization of the places of individual items, to a complete change of equipment. The BOX collection responds to the needs of people who want changes in their space, both by introducing individual elements and by completely changing them. Our furniture from the BOX collection combines everything that is the most beautiful in furniture. Attractiveness and usefulness in one, and thanks to perfectly balanced white in combination with warm, natural oak wood, they will complete any, even the most demanding arrangements. Their simple and elegant form will delight many uncompromising designers. BOX furniture is created by professionals who take into account both environmental protection and human safety during production.

Current trends

Currently, the leading trend in the furniture industry are models based on minimalist design, economical in form. Furniture that at the same time can look great in any interior and harmonize with other elements. The furniture we present has a sophisticated style and aesthetics, which are the result of the work of our experienced craftsmen. Thanks to this, we can provide you with the highest quality products. Furniture from the BOX collection is also a return to tradition while maintaining delicacy and elegance. It is therefore worth paying attention to the entire collection as well as its individual elements. The collection includes, among others: tables, TV cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves and bookcases. They are the answer for those who appreciate quality, functionality and, above all, a look that fits perfectly into the current trends. Our collection offers many arrangement options when creating interesting and conscious projects.

Thanks to the furniture from our collection, returning home will be a joy, and the time spent among them will be pure pleasure. Importantly, BOX furniture is prepared for self-assembly, and the clear assembly instructions allow for easy and quick assembly of the furniture.

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