Plywood furniture

From zł202.00
Rectangular table made of plywood The offer for lovers of light and modern forms. The more nature and simplicity we let into our four walls, the more trendy it is! They perfectly match the interior in a Scandinavian style, which is characterized by elegant minimalism. The simple design ensures a timeless look. The uniqueness of this table is also...

Square plywood stool

From zł132.00
Square plywood stool Whiteness will never go out of fashion - we are sure of that. It is a color so neutral that it can be combined with many of the boldest variations. The white wooden stool included in the Basic collection gives us such possibilities thanks to its neutral form and color. The option of selecting the color of the legs allows us a...

Round plywood stool

From zł129.00
Round plywood stool Bold and modern color. It fits perfectly with wood giving it an elegant style. It fits perfectly also into the loft atmosphere of the interior. The material from which the stool is made is plywood. Most importantly, MoonWood furniture can be used for many activities. The stool can be placed at the table, but also in the kitchen....

Oval plywood bench

From zł380.00
Oval plywood bench The living room is the place in our home where we spend the most time. So let's make sure that this place is cozy and properly equipped. A wooden bench from our Basic collection will definitely help us in this. The elegance of this unusual piece of furniture will delight many users, and its simple form will allow it to be arranged in...

Plywood round table

From zł890.00
Plywood round table White is a universal color that never goes out of style. Its use is a simple and aesthetic way to decorate a bright and fashionable interior. The white color of the furniture, combined with wood, will brighten any interior. The material from which the table top is made is plywood. Plywood has high strength in relation to its weight....
From zł218.01
Natural material Natural and ecological furniture made of wood and plywood obtained in a responsible way from Polish forests. Simple, modern design combined with timeless colors. The stool is made of wood, which guarantees durability. The wood looks great in any interior, thanks to which the stools successfully come back to the contemporary arrangements....

Plywood is a noble wood-based material, it is a durable raw material used in the production of furniture. It is gaining more and more followers and recognition of a large number of customers. As a material, plywood is cheaper than wood and is very flexible, which makes it easy to shape. Many people appreciate plywood for its physical properties, it is very durable. Despite the lower price, plywood furniture retains all the advantages of classic wooden furniture.

Using plywood, you can build sophisticated furniture that looks beautiful in any room. Starting from the kitchen, through the bathroom, living room, children's room, we will present plywood furniture in any room. Plywood is a waterproof material, it is used in the construction of ships or sailboat sheathing. The use of such material in the kitchen or bathroom, in places exposed to moisture, is an idea for the durability and longevity of furniture. 

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