Polish manufacturer

of solid wood furniture and plywood

Natural Furniture

Natural Furniture Wood has always played a large role as the most human-friendly material. That is why we create naturally, ecologically and in a modern and Scandinavian style. Practicality is also our motto! Replaceable legs, various materials, colors and dimensions – all to fit you! As a Polish manufacturer of solid wood and plywood furniture, we have combined nature and design, and every detail is created with the utmost care and attention.
We offer tables, stools and benches made of solid beech, oak and plywood. Each of our products is functional but also aesthetic. Thanks to this, it adapts perfectly to various rooms. Natural furniture, made of materials from Polish forests, is a great decoration for the bedroom, living room, sitting room or spacious hall. Their bright shades optically enlarge small interiors, and the simple form makes them perfectly match the other equipment. Our products will, for example, be used to create a comfortable leisure space.

The modern form, based on a natural and timeless material, which is solid wood, will perfectly match any interior style. Stylish and healthy! We say firmly NO to poisonous substances in our environment! When our children’s health is at stake, you can’t compromise! We want to create a natural, stylish and safe way for them. Plywood, used for the production of furniture and decorations, does not contain formaldehyde, and paints and oils are free of toxins that are hazardous to health.
We are a Polish manufacturer of solid wood and plywood furniture. We operate eco – we value the good that nature gives us and take care of it without poisoning the air. We also make sure that our products serve you as long as possible, becoming your family’s favorite furniture. We create all equipment elements in Poland from solid components. We value simple forms and classic colors that make our products universal. Thanks to this, both the youngest and the oldest householders like them. They look beautiful in the children’s room and in the parents’ bedroom.