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Round table made of plywood

From zł230.99
Natural material Natural and ecological furniture made of wood and plywood obtained in a responsible way from Polish forests. Simple, modern design combined with timeless colors. The stool is made of wood, which guarantees durability. The wood looks great in any interior, thanks to which the stools successfully come back to the contemporary arrangements....

Rectangular table made of solid oak

From zł242.00
Rectangular table made of solid oak Wood is a material that evokes positive and reflective associations. Drawing inspiration from nature, we follow the current trend focused on contact with nature. The coffee table made entirely of oak wood fits perfectly into any room.

Oval plywood bench

From zł380.00
Oval plywood bench The living room is the place in our home where we spend the most time. So let's make sure that this place is cozy and properly equipped. A wooden bench from our Basic collection will definitely help us in this. The elegance of this unusual piece of furniture will delight many users, and its simple form will allow it to be arranged in...

Solid oak square table

From zł290.00
Solid oak square table The Basic collection is not only a stool or a coffee table, it is also a round and square oak table. Beauty and nature are their watchwords, and their universality is their unquestionable advantage. Wooden tables have always and probably will remain in fashion forever. The oak table, both round and square, thanks to its natural...

Round plywood stool

From zł129.00
Round plywood stool Bold and modern color. It fits perfectly with wood giving it an elegant style. It fits perfectly also into the loft atmosphere of the interior. The material from which the stool is made is plywood. Most importantly, MoonWood furniture can be used for many activities. The stool can be placed at the table, but also in the kitchen....

Round stool made of solid oak

From zł146.00
Round stool made of solid oak Wood is a material that evokes positive and reflective associations. Drawing inspiration from nature, we follow the current trend focused on contact with nature. An oak stool made entirely of solid wood. This raw material is extremely universal, always fashionable and fits any style. The stool is ideal for any room - kitchen,...

Round solid beech stool

From zł107.00
Round solid beech stool Sometimes it happens that we would like to change something in our home. Something small, small, but with a big effect. Bearing in mind the possibility of changes in the arrangement of the house, MoonWood created a multi-functional wooden stool. One that will change whenever we feel like it. Beech stool, which can be irreplaceable...

Solid oak oval coffee table

From zł529.99
The living-room bench table Wood is a material that evokes positive and reflective associations. Drawing inspiration from nature, we follow the current trend focused on contact with nature. Our living room bench table is a perfect solution for everyone who likes nature in their home. The material of which the bench table top is made is plywood. Oak is a...

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Natural Furniture

We offer tables, stools and benches made of solid beech, oak and plywood. Each of our products is functional, but also aesthetic. Thanks to this, it perfectly fits into a variety of rooms. Natural furniture, made of materials from Polish forests, is a great decoration for a bedroom, living room, living room or a spacious hall. Their light shades optically enlarge small interiors, and the simple form makes them perfectly match the other furnishings. Our products will be used, for example, to create a comfortable leisure space.

Modern form

Based on a natural and timeless material, solid wood, it will perfectly fit into any interior style. Stylish and healthy! We say firmly NO to poisonous substances in our environment! When our children's health is at stake, there's no compromise! We want to create for them natural, stylish and safe at the same time. Plywood, used for the production of furniture and decorations, does not contain formaldehyde, and paints and oils are devoid of toxins hazardous to health.


Wood has always played a large role as the most human-friendly material. That is why we create naturally, ecologically, and in a modern and Scandinavian style. Practicality is also our motto! Interchangeable feet, different materials, colors and dimensions - all to suit you! As a Polish manufacturer of solid wood and plywood furniture, we have combined nature and design, and every detail is created with the utmost care and attention.


We are a Polish manufacturer of solid wood and plywood furniture. We operate eco - we value the goods that nature gives us and we care for it without polluting the air. We also make sure that our products will serve you as long as possible, becoming your family's favorite furniture. All equipment elements are made in Poland from solid components. We value simple forms and classic colors that make our products universal. Thanks to this, they are liked by both the youngest and the oldest household members. They look beautiful in the children's room and in the parents' bedroom.

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