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A square oak table Natural wooden furniture is not only a home decoration, but a timeless character as well as irreplaceable quality and durability for many years. They are resistant to mechanical damage. Natural wooden furniture is perfect for allergy sufferers and young children due to the fact that the wood has anti-static properties. They will...
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The thick (40 mm) top underlines the extraordinary craftsmanship. Natural furniture is becoming more and more popular. More people decide to buy it, and by their positive opinion the other buyers' opinions are shaped. This piece of furniture will not only provide a great complement to the interior, but will also be an original part of the decoration....
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We present an industrial oak table, which is an ideal piece of furniture for practically most interior styles. It is universal which makes it great

Rectangular Oak Coffe Table Freja

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Freja, Oak bench with metal legs. A unique product of our collection - an oak bench with metal legs, which will undoubtedly occupy a leading place in every home. Our oak bench, whose top is solid oak, in a rustic style, is a kind of "warmer" of any space. Metal legs made of a black flat bar combined with an oiled top is minimalism and elegance in itself....

Square Oak Coffe Table FREJA

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The rustic-style Oak Coffee Table Freja is an extraordinary piece of furniture that will delight any connoisseur of good taste and style. This piece of furniture meets the expectations set by almost every design style, from modern to loft, to rustic. Freja is an exceptional oak coffee table with metal legs that will certainly captivate its class,...


An important element of dining room, kitchen or living room equipment is a well-chosen table. It is by it that meals are consumed, family conversations are conducted, or receives guests. If you want to stock up a solid element of interior design, the Polish manufacturer of solid wood and Moon Wood plywood furniture has prepared a large selection of products for you. You will find, among others, solid tables in the industrial, Scandinavian or minimalist style. All products are produced locally, from wood, originating from Polish forests. When creating them, we use oils and paints that are safe for health.

Both solid furniture and plywood proposals are perfect for spacious and very small interiors. Elements of equipment with metal legs are also an interesting solution. They add expressiveness and introduce a modern atmosphere to the interior.

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