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Wooden mirror with a stand BÓN

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A standing mirror with a stand made of oak wood. The product has been finished with high-quality matte varnish. Thanks to the round base, the mirror is stable, while the raised rim allows you to store small items such as jewelry or cosmetics on it without fear that they will fall. The dimensions of the mirror are: Height with the stand 32 cm The diameter...

Mirror BÓN

zł109.20 zł156.00
An oak mirror covered in matt varnish will be perfect as an addition to the furniture from the BÓN collection. It allows you to extend the functionality of the desk or oval bedside cabinet. 

Tray BÓN

zł116.20 zł166.00
An oak tray covered in matt varnish, perfect as an addition to furniture from the BÓN collection. With the tray you will extend the functionality of the furniture, providing it with an additional surface. It will go perfectly with coffee tables, benches, chests of drawers, desks or bedside cabinets.
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Table and stool tops

Blat okrągły ze sklejki, biały, średnica 70 cm

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furniture boards

Płyta bukowa

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furniture boards

Płyta dębowa

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Apart from furniture, accessories and additions also play an important role in our home. Often they are the so-called "icing on the cake", completing the arrangement whole. In addition to the character they add to our interiors, they can also be very useful in everyday life. This was the motto that guided us while creating accessories and wooden accessories in this section. We know that the things we surround ourselves with are not only to please the eye, but also to make everyday life more pleasant through their functionality.

The wooden accessories we offer are prestigious products. Made entirely of wood, they are fully ecological products. For the MoonWood brand, the origin of the material used in the production is very important, which is why they are always selected materials that come from Polish forests.

Equipping our interiors with wooden accessories introduces a natural, homely atmosphere. This allows us to definitely calm down in a climate full of harmony. Wood is such a neutral material that it fits into any type of interior, and can be alternately combined with each other. Wooden accessories will work great both in vintage style and in a loft. They are the perfect solution for any room, even a bathroom.

MoonWood offers a large selection of stands for a phone or tablet. Working at a desk or in the office becomes more convenient. Our phone or tablet will always be in a visible place and will not let us miss an important call or message. It is perfect for a child's room and the living room during our relaxation. It will allow us to display a movie by holding the device in an optimal position for us. It also fulfills its task in the bathroom when we take a relaxing bath in the bathtub and want to relax during your favorite concert. It can also be used in the kitchen while cooking. Our phone will remain clean and the recipe displayed on it will show us the next steps in our culinary conquests. In conjunction with our pot holders and

with other kitchen accessories, it will create a natural composition.

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