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BÓN Collection

Oak desk with drawer 140 cm, BÓN

Solid oak desk with a quiet closing drawer from the collection BON featuring multifunctional furniture. It has two holes covered with brass-coloured plugs into which you can screw in a cake stand and a mirror giving the piece of furniture a wider functionality. The desk is coated with matt varnish so that the effect is that of raw wood. It was made of the...

A desk for home, business, studio, DIY desk? Ergonomic desk for a programmer? Whether you are organizing a workstation for a home office or looking for a desk for a company, you've come to the right place.

The features of a good, ergonomic desk are a topic for a scientific study. If you go to a furniture store and ask to sell an ergonomic desk, you can confuse the seller or get an indication of any desk in the store's offer, and there will be no abuse or untruth in it.

The concept of an ergonomic desk that is fashionable nowadays does not represent one specific type or model. In simple terms, an ergonomic desk is a piece of furniture that is adapted to your spine or your height. In practice, working at such a desk should not pose a major threat to your health. In our store's offer you will find an intelligent desk, the height of which you can control depending on your needs and preferences. You can work standing at our desk, if that is your decision. Our desks are made of natural raw material, oak wood, ensuring adequate durability and longevity of the furniture. 

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