Wooden furniture for many years to come. Give them some attention

Decision made. Your wooden furniture from MoonWood's virtual basket is now home. The BÓN collection, a unique one, has arrived to you assembled and checked once again on site. You assembled the BASIC coffee table or the BOX TV cabinet yourself. This is no problem, as each product comes with clear instructions. Everything looks great. The furniture came to you straight from Kashubia. This is where we obtained the wood, our sawmills and warehouses. You will be using the furniture for many years. What you have before you are high-quality products. How do you take care of them? The BÓN solid oak chest of drawers, the beech coffee table, and other MoonWood furniture require some attention. Just like all furniture. It will quickly pay off. The furniture will reward you with its durable appearance and qualities today and in the years to come. Wooden furniture is a graceful product and its maintenance will give you a lot of joy. It is not complicated! So what makes wooden furniture so special? What does it like, and what should you avoid? How do you clean it? Take advantage of our few tips.

Solid wood furniture. Plywood furniture. Choose high-quality ones

Wooden furniture is unique. Surrounding yourself with them is only good for your health, your wallet, and nature. And above all, they look great. The fluted doors of the BÓN chest of drawers are an instant eye-catcher. The Ruben table top assures you that you are using a top-quality product. The BOX bookcase surprises with its lightness and at the same time capacity. However, let's start with health. What makes wooden furniture so special is invisible to the naked eye. Wooden furniture has a positive impact on the microclimate. This is because they have hygroscopic properties. Behind this complicated name lies an unusual phenomenon. Has anyone of you ever wondered whether an oak BÓN table or a wooden flowerbed regulates the humidity in a flat? If there is too much of it - they absorb it. It gets too dry: the stored moisture is released. The air quality is therefore better. It is easier to breathe in a house full of wooden furniture. And less dust!

Wooden furniture is special because it is more durable. Among Polish trees, oak is the king of hardness and durability. So if you choose, for example, a round table with a BÓN storage compartment, you can be sure that it will be resistant to scratches and minor spills. Everything that happens (or can happen) every day during family meals. 

This does not mean that plywood or beech furniture is any less durable. In the MoonWood shop you will find products of excellent quality. BOX furniture has been manufactured with the utmost care. They are a combination of oak wood and MDF board. The drawer carcasses, on the other hand, are oil-finished plywood. Wooden furniture is therefore unique because it is durable. And it is good for your wallet. You will use them longer, and replace them less often. Wooden furniture will always be fashionable. And you can renovate it too!

Wooden furniture: what to look out for. What do wood products like and dislike

Every product needs to be looked after. You store food in fridges. You wash your clothes at the right temperatures. There are things to watch out for when it comes to wooden furniture. Caring is also about avoiding. So avoid high temperatures. Instead of putting a hot soup plate directly on the table, think about bamboo placemats, for example. They are practical and can be an additional decoration. Too much is not enough when it comes to humidity. You already know that your oak table regulates it in the air. But be careful in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. Do you want to create a home spa and use a white BOX chest of drawers in the bathroom? You can do that! However, do not forget about proper ventilation. A dry cloth will be your ally in the fight against discolouration. Red beetroot soup or wine spilt on the table? Wipe it up quickly. Don't leave any water on the wood surface either. If you clean a white BOX table with a wet cloth, wipe the top with a dry version later.

Take good care of your wooden furniture. They will thank you for their durability.

Do you know what kind of wood your furniture is made of? Then take your next step to the drugstore. It's easy to find the right care products. However, never apply them directly to the furniture. Put the product on a cloth. Wipe the furniture in the direction of the grain. Wooden furniture can also be treated with oils. This is an effective method. So is waxing. Both, however, will be most effective when chosen for the right type of wood from which your furniture was made. You don't have to be a specialist and know it. We are. We love wood, we know everything about it. Do you have any doubts about taking care of a round plywood table or a hallway bench? We will be happy to answer your questions. We will tell you where oil is better and where wax is better. Or perhaps a gentle preparation from your local shop will suffice. The important thing is to choose the right care for your wood. Your furniture will thank you for its durability.

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