Oak furniture: a gift from nature. Natural wood is best

Oak is the best raw material we have received from nature. It has unique properties. It is durable. No wonder it is so popular. Oak wooden furniture is a choice that will last for years. It is the certainty that the table at which you dine is of the highest quality. Oak is a guarantee that the chest of drawers in your bedroom will be used for many years. An oak bookcase will hold even a large and heavy collection. Natural wood furniture means freedom in interior design. In the MoonWood shop you have different models, finishes, heights. Such a large selection means one thing. You will easily find furniture that fits your home. Whether you are a loft or modern style lover. Or do you love Scandinavian tranquillity? The freedom offered by eclecticism? Oak wooden furniture will become part of your everyday life. You will quickly appreciate their quality and thoughtful design.

Table, rustic oak table, stool. Oak furniture for the living room and dining room

The table is one of the most important pieces of wooden furniture in the home. It witnesses the family celebrations. Successive breakfasts and dinners. It is also subject to flooding. It is good to have an oak table in the home. It is easy to look after. On top of that, it is not intimidated by daily encounters with food residues or liquids. The oak loft table is for you if you love original and bold solutions. The wooden top is sturdily fixed on metal legs. The combination of nature and modernity has produced a surprising effect. The dining room will become a unique room. If it flows seamlessly with you into the living room, opt for furniture from one collection. Place a small industrial table next to the sofa. On the other hand, a rustic oak coffee table means more counter space. It will work well if your flat is a large and open space.

There is also something for those who prefer to put their coffee down on an oak wood table. You will be surprised by the choice of finishes for the tops and legs. You have so many configuration options that you are sure to find the products for you. Light walls, dark furniture. Light furniture in a light flat. Round, oval or square tops... or an original oval bench. Here is your coffee table. For family gatherings and movie nights. For drinks, snacks and the TV remote control so that it is always close at hand.

Oak furniture and modernity. The Alva desk brings two worlds together

Equally unique is the Alva desk. The top is made of solid oak wood. The real magic lies in the combination of traditional raw material and technology. This desk rises! Its standard height is 70 cm. Sitting for long periods of time is bad for circulation, the spine. Simply hold down the switch and the top will be raised up to a height of 125 cm. Work can be continued standing up. This smart desk has an electrically adjustable frame. It will work well in the corporate office and the director's office. For all those who practice freelance work. Write or design a lot. The oak lift desk is a top quality product. For this reason, it will also fit in a home office or a teenager's room. It will create a coherent whole with other wooden furniture. A part of the Alva desk is a cabinet on wheels. You can store documents here. Important things you want to have quick access to.

Award-winning oak furniture from the BÓN collection

Awarded in the Good Design 2021 competition. Curved doors. Silent closing mechanism. Made with attention to detail. We will bring each product to your home already assembled. We will check on site that everything works as it should. The BÓN solid wood collection is no ordinary furniture. This is an encounter with products of the highest quality. Modern furniture that bows to tradition. They take what’s best from it.

In a small living room, opt for a simple chest of drawers. An oval chest of drawers, on the other hand, will fill a large room. So will an oval oak table. It is designed for a larger family or people who like to host friends and acquaintances. Seat them on the BÓN bench. Place the bench in the hallway and you will have a helpful seat. It is helpful when you need to tie your child's shoes or put away the shopping for a while.

The oak round table respects your small dining room. It will not limit the space. Plus, it hides a secret. We have hidden in it a storage compartment for cutlery or trinkets. BÓN is also a coffee table and a bookcase. Furniture from a single collection means you can be sure that all the pieces fit together. With BÓN, however, you get something else. It is not just ordinary wooden furniture. In fact, just like all our oak furniture. The furniture manufacturer MoonWood guarantees the highest quality. So where do you start when furnishing your home?

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