Autumn is a truly magical time of year. Although it sometimes discourages us with its cold and drizzly weather, we cannot deny its charm and the extraordinary atmosphere it brings with it. In ten simple steps, we suggest how to bring a truly autumnal mood into your home or flat.

Gifts of nature

Autumn is the time of year when nature offers a particular abundance of gifts which can be used to decorate inside. Chestnuts and acorns can be used for decorative centrepieces. Chestnuts and acorns will also look good on the table when placed in a pretty bowl or transparent container of any shape. Pine, spruce or fir cones can be used in a similar way. Colourful leaves or branches with red rowan beads will look attractive in a vase. Apples from ornamental apple trees and quince fruit are interesting natural decorations.

Pumpkin the queen

The pumpkin is one of the most recognisable symbols of autumn. In addition to the traditional edible pumpkin species, ornamental pumpkins are used for decorative purposes. They come in different shapes and colours in a palette of orange, yellow, green and beige. The pumpkin can be placed on a table, dresser, tv cabinet or windowsill. One large pumpkin as well as several smaller ones placed next to each other or spaced apart will look attractive. The pumpkin is also perfect as one of the elements of an arrangement with autumn flowers and other plants. An interesting effect can be achieved by painting it gold.

Autumn plants

Heather and heather are among the most popular autumn plants. They look good individually or in clusters in pots. They can also be used for bouquets and garlands. They are available both in solid colours and as several shades of flowers arranged on one bush. Asters (commonly known as marcas), dahlias and carnations will look nice in a vase. There are many types of chrysanthemums to choose from in florists' shops and market stalls. Although they are associated with cemetery decorations, when combined with other plants they look great in homes and flats.

Table textiles

Selected table textiles can also bring an autumnal ambience into the home. These include tablecloths, napkins, table runners and placemats. The wide range on the market makes it possible to find decorations to suit all styles of interior design. The textiles are decorated with a variety of patterns - colourful leaves, pinecones, pumpkins, rowan, forest animals. Realistic, painterly designs are available, as well as playful and humorous motifs.

Pillows and bedspreads

As with table textiles, every year the shops stock a large selection of cushions, bedspreads, blankets and curtains in autumnal themes. They are a quick and easy way to transform your interior with a seasonal theme. For those who prefer simplicity, there are plain, plain fabrics in autumn colours. Earthy colours dominate - browns, olive greens, oranges and shades of yellow, a palette of muted reds and burgundy. An interesting effect can be achieved by combining materials of different weave thicknesses.

Decorative glass and ceramics

Autumn colours can be brought inside not only through textiles. Decorative glass is also ideal for creating an atmosphere. Vases, bowls, fruit bowls and platters in autumn colours will catch the eye and create a unique atmosphere with their play of light and shade. Ceramic vessels in the form of autumn leaves in various shapes and colours are also an option. This type of useful decoration is made by many ceramic art studios. They are also available online in popular interior design shops.

Scented candles

The melancholy mood of autumn afternoons and evenings can be enhanced perfectly by candles. The warm flame of candles has a relaxing and warming effect, contrasting with the cold weather outside. They can be placed independently or used as part of an autumn wreath. They look attractive placed in decorative lanterns and lamps. Candles in gold and red, which are reminiscent of the colours of leaves falling from the trees, are popular. Candles made of natural beeswax are an interesting option. They leave a delicate honey scent in the room and have a beneficial effect on the quality of the home air.

The magic of light

The autumn atmosphere can be enhanced by the skilful use of light sources in the rooms. The use of warm-coloured light is recommended to create a soft, pleasant atmosphere in the home. An interesting effect can be achieved by spotlighting autumn decorations. A noteworthy motif is seasonal lighting, such as light garlands in the form of colourful maple leaves. Such a decoration can be hung anywhere or placed in a transparent glass dish and placed on a table, dresser or windowsill.

The subtle charm of fragrance

Atmospheres can also be created inside using effects that are not accessible to the sense of sight. Scents have a strong influence on our mood and perception of reality. Scented candles with aromas of gingerbread, apple pie, cinnamon, pumpkin, vanilla, caramel, coffee, sandalwood and woodland scents can help to create an autumn atmosphere. When choosing candles, it is worth paying attention to their composition, as some may not be suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. As an alternative to scented candles, natural essential oils can be used in ceramic aromatherapy fireplaces.

Halloween decorations

Halloween enthusiasts can decorate their home with gadgets specific to the holiday. The choices are wide, and all decorations centre around the atmosphere of fear, ghosts and monsters. A popular motif is a hollowed-out pumpkin cut into patterns, inside which you place a tealight candle to create a lantern. Use the pumpkin flesh for culinary purposes to avoid food waste. Many Halloween decorations can be made on your own with the help of DIY tutorials available online.

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