Thinking of making changes to your flat or home, but don't want to spend a significant amount of money on it all at once? Do you need to replace some worn-out furniture with a new model? Or perhaps you have spotted a piece of furniture that has stolen your heart and you want to have it immediately, even though the current budget does not allow for it? No problem! You can easily make your interior design dreams come true with convenient 0% instalments. More details to follow in the blog post.

What is the "0% Instalments" programme offered?

What the "0% Instalments" programme is about

In the "0% Instalments" programme, the loan granted is interest-free. The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) is 0%. You can purchase furniture (or a single piece of furniture) without making a standard payment, but by choosing an instalment form. You repay the cost of the purchase in monthly instalments without additional interest.

Advantages of 0% instalments

 an opportunity to purchase furniture quickly, without incurring an immediate financial outlay

a chance to make larger purchases or to buy more expensive but better quality products, thanks to the convenient spreading of payments over time

a lighter financial burden of the investment due to a considerably smaller single expense 

building up a positive credit history and creditworthiness with BIK (Polish Credit Information Bureau),

easy paperwork that can be completed online

Answers to the most frequent questions - FAQ

Can I buy all the furniture from in 0% instalments?

0% instalments are available for furniture with a value greater than 300 PLN. 

Can furniture covered by the promotion be bought in 0% instalments?

Yes, there are no restrictions in this area.

Is the price of furniture purchased on 0% instalments higher than the cost of purchase with standard payment?

No, the price does not change regardless of the form of payment. Payment by instalments does not increase the cost of the furniture purchased.

What is the minimum and maximum number of instalments?

The purchase can be spread over a minimum of 5 instalments and a maximum of 10 instalments. A table with the basic schedule can be seen by clicking on the instalment information on the product page. 

What is the maximum amount of credit that can be granted under the Instalments 0 programme?

The maximum amount of credit offered is PLN 50,000. If the cost of your purchase plans exceeds it, you will have to pay the surplus as an own contribution, which cannot be spread in instalments.

Is the loan for the purchase of furniture provided by MoonWood?

No, the lender is one of the partner banks.

Who does the shop work with in terms of the instalments 0 programme?

We have partnered with the extremely popular and well-known online payment system PayU, which provides a secure and easy way to grant trade credit. 

Is it possible to repay the credit early?

Yes, at any time you can make an early full or partial repayment of the loan you have taken out.

What requirements do I need to meet to apply for a loan under '0% Instalment'?

The basic requirements are to be at least 18 years of age, to have permanent residence in Poland, to have a valid identity card, to have a permanent source of verifiable income.

Is a proof of income required to obtain a loan?

Each application submitted is considered on an individual basis, but in most cases it is sufficient to submit a statement of income.

What are the obligations of the borrower?

All the rules for granting 0% instalments are included in the contract, which is signed when the loan formalities are arranged. The formalities are completed electronically, which makes the whole procedure very easy. From the customer's point of view, the most important thing is the timely payment of instalments in accordance with the repayment schedule included in the agreement.

Is it possible to choose the day of the month when the repayments are made?

As a rule, the date of repayment of the loan instalments is determined by the date of purchase, however the borrower may choose the appropriate date of repayment himself, as long as it is within the agreed time limit. 

Are 0% instalments visible in the BIK (Polish Credit Information Bureau)?

Yes, banks register concluded credit agreements in the BIK. Timely payment of debts has a positive impact on the customer's credibility.

How long does it take to receive a credit decision?

It depends on the individual case, but it usually takes very quickly, even around 15 minutes.

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