People say that small is beautiful. However, when it comes to a small flat, it can be a real nightmare for its owners. High property prices mean that we are increasingly opting for smaller flats. More often than not, the individual zones are not separated enough to make their arrangement comfortable and unrestricted. Arranging a small property is a major challenge and requires well-considered action. One has to tackle difficulties and make compromises between needs and expectations, and real possibilities.

We suggest what to consider when choosing furniture for a small flat and how to arrange the space as functionally as possible.

Valuable multifunctionality

In small flats, it is particularly desirable that one piece of furniture can perform several functions. This applies both to furniture that has its fixed assigned place and to furniture that can be moved around. Multifunctional furniture saves space thanks to its versatility and functionality. They make it possible to adapt the space to the varied and changing needs of the occupants. An example is a desk from the BÓN multifunctional furniture collection, which can also be used as a table or dressing table. Also practical are all the mobile solutions, such as the hall bench from the same line of furniture which can serve as a comfortable seat when placed at a table during a guest visit.

Furniture on legs

Those who live in a small flat often end up with a lot of furniture stashed one piece on top of another. In such a situation, there is a high risk that the arrangement will become too visually overwhelming and that staying in the room will not be fully enjoyable. This can be avoided by choosing furniture with slender legs. Such a design relieves the visual pressure on the interior and gives it a lighter appearance. It makes even large pieces of furniture look much slimmer and the room appears more spacious. In small flats, this effect is worth its weight in gold. A good example of this is the BOX chest of drawers, which, despite its large volume, looks light thanks to its slim legs.  

Cabinets up to the ceiling

In the kitchen, storage can be made easier with made-to-order cabinets that allow for the most efficient use of space. It is a good idea for them to take up space right up to the ceiling and make use of every inch. Owners of small kitchens often opt for a Scandinavian design. Bright colours and the use of natural materials make the room appear larger and breathe a homely warmth and freshness that distracts from the small space. The various practical amenities are also useful, such as the pull-out extra top, which can be used as a work surface if required.

Clever storage

Placing things well is one of the biggest challenges in arranging a small flat. Every item should have its own well thought-out place in order to avoid the "clutter" effect, very common in small flats. All clever solutions that make it easier to organise the space are valuable. The designers of BÓN multifunctional furniture kept this in mind. One of their projects is a small table with a storage compartment under the top. When you insert your finger into the small hole, you lift the lid and discover additional storage space for small items. In this way, placemats or other useful small items are always at hand.

Loft bed

In small spaces, it is not easy to create a comfortable enough place to work or study without it interfering with other areas. The desk should be large enough and the armchair should allow you to sit for long periods in an ergonomic body position. A corner with small table tops and folding chairs takes up minimal space but is only suitable for short-term use. A good solution would be a loft bed, under which a sufficiently large desk with a suitable working area can be set up. If the furniture is used by a child, it is worth opting for a piece of furniture with an adjustable top, such as the Alva desk with electrically adjustable height.

Durability for years

Furniture in small flats tends to be used intensively. This is due to the fact that only furniture that is really necessary and fulfils specific practical roles is chosen for small spaces. In this respect, the durability and sturdiness of the raw material become a key issue. It is worth opting for proven materials with reliable provenance. One example is natural oak, highly resistant to accidental damage and scratches. Solid wood does not pose the risk of unsightly deformation and chipping of individual layers of furniture, as happens in the case of some veneers. Properly protected, it does not change colour under the influence of sunlight. Furniture made of oak will last for many years even with intensive daily use.

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