There is something for everyone. Custom-made wooden coffee table

Small square coffee table. A rectangular plywood coffee table. Or maybe something more striking? A rustic table with metal legs? In the MoonWood shop, there are a dozen of these small but extremely useful pieces of furniture to choose from. Many of them are configurable: choose the height, the surface. Match the colour of the finish of the legs and top from the suggestions. You can also opt for a table in sturdy solid oak, beautiful solid beech, lightweight plywood. That's a lot of choice. There is something for everyone. And it will match the style in which the flat is decorated. It is important that the table is part of the furnishings. It blends in with the other pieces of furniture. So how do you choose the perfect coffee table? What should be taken into account when choosing a coffee table? And why is this small piece of furniture so necessary? It combines interesting form and practicality like no other. Welcome to the world of coffee tables: square, rectangular and round. 

Choose the right coffee table. Start from the style

What style you have decorated your flat in is extremely important when choosing a coffee table. A coffee table is rarely bought together with all the furnishings. A table, chairs, sofa or bed come first in the flat. This does not mean that you are doomed to buy a piece of furniture that will 'clash' with the rest of the furnishings. Consider what the rest of the furniture has in common. Then it is easy. You have a Scandinavian style flat. In this case, a delicate, low table in natural wood or a light colour is best. A rectangular coffee table or a round coffee table is therefore a good idea. Drawing from the Scandinavian style, the japanese style also likes simple solutions and low furniture. Here, a coffee table from the BÓN series is a natural choice.

There will also be something for loft lovers. The Iron Oak coffee table features metal elements so characteristic of the industrial style. The legs of this piece of furniture are a direct reference to the loft style. The legs of this piece of furniture are a direct reference to the loft style, so they will be the element that links this piece of furniture to others in your home. Do you have white furniture or accessories? Do you appreciate the unobtrusiveness and purity of the modern style? Then be sure to check out the white or black BOX table. It is a practical choice. It has additional shelves under the top, just right for the remote control, coffee pads or a newspaper. There are few pieces of furniture in your home. Each is unique and original. You are looking for an equally original coffee table. The answer is the rustic oak table Freja. The unusual top, the surprising shape of the legs, all this will meet the expectations of even the most discriminating connoisseur. 

You do not have to fear that the coffee table will not match the rest of the décor. In the MoonWood shop you can choose from a dozen or so proposals tailored to the style of your home

Coffee table: does shape matter? A few differences you need to know about

Put style first. However, the shape of the coffee table is equally important. All coffee tables have similar functions. However, a round coffee table will not fit everywhere. A square or rectangular table is not for everyone. Here, the biggest limitation is the living room space. If you have more space available, opt for a square or rectangular table, such as a solid oak table or a plywood table. This is a proven, timeless choice. The BÓN oval table will suit more surprising interiors.

Your flat is small, and every square centimetre counts. In this case, a round table is just what you are looking for. It takes up less space. At the same time, it is lightweight, like the tables in the BASIC series. This is important if, for example, you need to fold out a sofa and move the table to another location. Round tables are also a safer option if you have a child in your home who is learning to walk. There are no sharp edges here. So there is less chance that a toddler's fall will end in a bump.

Styles and shapes vary. Coffee tables have one thing in common: they are practical and versatile.

Scandinavian-style living. Round coffee table. Loft and square coffee table. Modernity and white of the BOX coffee table. Whichever model you decide on, functionality is ultimately what counts anyway. And this in the case of coffee tables cannot be underestimated. They are great little pieces of furniture that you will appreciate every day. They are elegant, timeless and simply useful. They are meeting places for family and friends. They are the places where you confide in a friend over a little black coffee. They are where you will put your remote control or laptop once you have answered your emails. This is where you grab your glasses. Where you put a plate of sandwiches on the table when you decide to have dinner in front of the TV. The tabletop is also the perfect place for the family to do jigsaw puzzles. And if you want to make your living room look special, place a vase of fresh flowers, a bowl of fruit or decorative candles on the coffee table. The coffee table is a coffee table only in name. It is first and foremost a piece of furniture with great potential. 

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