BÓN Collection goes places

It's about to begin! The favourite season for those who love sales and saving money. This year at MoonWood we are discounting all our collections, including our new products. The BÓN Collection has been our latest release, but it already boasts considerable success. At the beginning of November, the BÓN Collection was awarded in the oldest Polish design competition - Dobry Wzór (Good Design). You can read more about it HERE. This is therefore an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with this extraordinary collection. For Black Friday (or "Czôrny piątk" as we call it in Kashubia), we are cutting 5% off the regular price! This means that e.g. oval oak chest of drawers 2D is cheaper by about 250 PLN! You will also pay less for other wooden furniture from the BÓN series. So if your rural interior lacks a bench to sit on or if there is a round table with a cover missing in your big-city flat, go to the MoonWood website and save on your pending purchases.

Box, Ruben, Freya and Iron Oak - right in the bull's eye

We are stepping up the pace. The BÓN Collection has been reduced by 5%. Time for more! Box, Ruben, Freya and Iron Oak are our collections that you already know well. Box can now also be ordered in black. All prices of products from these four groups are reduced by 10% to mark Black Friday 2021! The Ruben oak table has unusual metal legs and can become the focal point of a loft. Just like the Iron Oak table. And if you are one of those people for whom detective stories or biographies are the best gifts, check out the BOX bookcase. There is also, among others, a wooden chest of drawers from the same series. It fits in the living room just as well as it fits in the bathroom (you can get inspired HERE).

5-10... and 15% for BASIC

The highlight: BASIC collection. We are proud to announce that for the days of Black Friday its prices will be reduced by 15%. This is an opportunity to buy a coffee table, oval bench or stools in offers yet unheard of. BASIC's main advantage is that you can choose the finish colour of the tops and legs, as well as the height of the legs. It is a versatile collection. Regardless of the style in which you have furnished your interior, the wooden furniture from BASIC Collection will fit into it like nothing else.

Black Friday is here to stay. Old prices are gone, new and lower ones are already in place. Time for an interior refreshment at a bargain with MoonWood

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