Wooden furniture with an award

The BÓN collection was the winner of the Good Design 2021 competition. It was awarded the first prize in the Home/Furniture category.  Good Design [polish: "Dobry Wzór"] is the oldest design competition in Poland, organised annually for almost 30 years. The results were announced on the 8th of November at a ceremony at the National Museum in Warsaw. So that is until that day the next year that BÓN Collection is one of the few products that can use the Good Design Finalist Logo. Behind the design are Ewa Nowak (a graduate of the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw) and Jarosław Markowicz (a graduate of the Faculty of Design at the Pedagogical University in Krakow) from Noma Studio.

It all started, as usual, with an idea. We wanted wooden furniture that is multifunctional, adapts to different needs and rooms. BÓN is a wooden chest of drawers in several versions, a bench, a round and oval table, an oval side table and a bookcase. And these are, quite contrary to the original idea, unusual. It is a collection that has been designed as a coherent, multi-element whole. Certainly, what sets it apart is the series of interchangeable furniture accessories, a solution unheard of among other manufacturers," say Ewa Nowak and Jarosław Markowicz.

An oak chest of drawers, a round table. Customisation

The BÓN Collection stands out for several reasons. The furniture can be personalised to suit both large and small rooms. Hence the several sizes of the oak chest of drawers (ideal for studios as well as spacious houses). Hence the wooden table with storage space for knick-knacks. Wooden furniture is easy to assemble and disassemble, it is extremely durable. The collection does not need to be replaced after a few years, it serves its owners for a very long time and ages elegantly. This is all thanks to the fact that oak used for the production comes from the Kashubian forests. Other materials include brass, glass and steel.  'Nowadays, consumers place a strong emphasis on the functionality of products, on their timelessness, minimalistic design and durability. They are ready to pay more for something that will last longer and is not expected to go out of fashion after 5 years of use' emphasize E. Nowak and J. Markowicz. 

BÓN Collection steps out of the box 

BÓN catches the eye with its unusual shape of rounded tops and fluted fronts. This is wooden furniture for everyone. And for every interior. 'Originally it was intended for millenials, but when designing it we decided to make it as universal as possible. We realised that young people of today are not always willing to spend large amounts of money on furniture, so the target group had to be expanded as much as possible to make these products function well on the market. We wanted everyone to be able to match the product to their interior, because the style of the latter is defined by accessories, colours and materials used,' the designers explain.

Thus, the BÓN collection will find its place in a modern house, a loft flat, a historic tenement house or a mountain cottage. This is the secret of its success.

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