Polish design, BÓN among the best

No sooner had we returned from the fifth edition of the Warsaw Home & Contract fair than we were met with excellent news. The BÓN collection has qualified for the final of the Good Design [Dobry Wzór] contest. We are taking a breather and soon we are off to Warsaw again, this time to find out the results. 8 November is the date you should mark on your calendars just as we do! We believe in BÓN, this year's newcomer in the MoonWood offer. We are proud that it has been appreciated. Keep your fingers crossed for us! We are fighting for the award in the Home/Furniture category.

Unique wooden furniture stands a chance of an award.

The Good Design is the longest-running Polish design competition. Its first edition was organised almost 30 years ago. The jury is composed of the organisers, i.e. experts from the Institute of Industrial Design, and independent specialists. The assessed elements include, among others, aesthetics, innovation, durability, and ergonomics. The Good Design is a collection of the best design in one place. We are therefore all the more pleased that our BÓN collection has been selected among them. BÓN was designed by Ewa Nowak and Jarosław Markowicz of Noma Studio. BÓN is a modern oak chest of drawers, oval or straight. Ideal for the living room, bedroom, hallway or bathroom. BÓN is also a unique round table with a storage compartment for various knick-knacks, an oval table and an oak bench to sit on. Last, but not least, it is a small table for the living room on which you can put a newspaper, your favourite book, a cup of coffee, and a bookcase for the collection of detective stories by your favourite author, frames with photos of your closest ones, pots with plants.

BÓN available for viewing in Warsaw

BÓN is a collection of oak furniture that is multifunctional and durable. By choosing BÓN you can be sure that the furniture will serve you for many years. If it was not for their unique design (those 2D doors, that shape!) they would not have been included in the final of Good Design. Regardless of the results, the nomination itself is a great honour for us. So if you want to see BÓN, visit the post-competition exhibition. Deadline: 8 November to 5 December 2021 Place: Institute of Industrial Design, 5/7 Świętojerska Street, 00-236 Warsaw.

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