Whether you are furnishing your home from scratch or buying furniture for an already furnished flat, wood is the material you will want to choose. Various pieces of furniture can then be combined with each other. Even if they're made from different kinds of wood or from different collections. Just a few accessories in your favourite style. Your space looks just as you dreamed it would. And if you're worried that something might not go together, there are ways around it. A few simple tips will prevent wooden chaos in your home. However, the most important thing is to live your life the way you like it best!

Plywood furniture: a canvas ready for a stroke of the brush

Wooden furniture can be easily combined if it is from the same collection, as you can be sure that everything will match. Additionally, if you decide on furniture from the BOX collection, you can play with other elements in the interior. This collection is universal. It will work well in a living room with a TV set placed on a white cabinet. BOX shelves hanging on the walls and, on them, photo frames or holiday souvenirs. A BOX chest of drawers or a bookcase can be placed in a child or teenager's room. White colour of furniture is an ideal base to start from. It will match the dark walls in the cave of a rebellious teenager. It will find its place in a pastel and cheerful child's room. You can also hang LED lights on your chest of drawers. You may decide to put it in the bathroom, hang a mirror and place perfume bottles and decorative soap on the table top.

White wooden furniture is therefore a starting point if you are just learning how to organise your flat. It is easy to rearrange and can be combined with many other elements. While shuffling the pieces of furniture around, it is difficult to get anything wrong.

Combining wood furniture. A proposition for the brave

Furniture from different types of wood (as well as other materials) can also be combined. Regardless of the fact they are not from the same collection. This seeming chaos can be put under control without losing any of the aesthetics. All you need to do is find a common element. If you are buying a piece of furniture for an already furnished flat, pay attention to its colours. A BASIC solid oak stool will not clash with a BÓN round table. Just like other oak or solid beech furniture. If you have white furniture in one room, use the same colour base in other rooms. The BOX collection will work well both in the bedroom and in the living room.

Cabinet knobs or the colour of the legs can also be such an element connecting the whole. The legs of the BASIC round plywood table are oiled oak. Look for a sofa with legs of the same colour and do the same theme when choosing chairs.

Styles and colours work alike. If your interior is dominated by elements in Scandinavian style, choose a fitting coffee table. Do you have a lot of black and metal elements, so characteristic of loft style? The Iron Oak table will go well with other accessories thanks to its industrial legs. Be consistent.

You can choose furniture based on similarities, but finding contrasting things will also work well here. So if you're looking for flowerbeds to go with light-coloured furniture, consider MoonWood flowerbeds in darker colours. Shape can also be a theme. Your furniture has a 'soft', rounded shape. Like the BÓN oval chest of drawers with wavy doors or the BASIC oval bench. You can see for yourself how simple it is! It is important to keep moderation in the arrangement. You are buying furniture for years. Choose only high-quality products.

Wooden furniture: here they are. Now let's get to accessories and choose them with care

Wooden furniture has already been successfully combined. It fits in with any interior. You may have decided on one collection. However, it is most likely that you have matched your existing furniture with other pieces.  It is important to have a common element: colour, style, shape? Time for accessories. There are many versatile accessories that will suit a Scandinavian flat, a loft, a discrete japandi style or a cosy modern styles. One such accessory is certainly candles. It is only important that the candle holder is in the same style as the rest of the home furnishings. Photo frames are also such a universal accessory. And flowers! Nothing looks as good on wooden furniture as plants. And depending on what character you want to give to the interior, choose specific accents. If you go for an Orient design, it will be colourful carpets, patterned vases or eccentric cushions. For boho, only light, delicate and soft materials. In glamour, mirrors, crystals and gold accessories. Combining furniture is fun. It's the joy of creating something new and unique. So what elements do your four corners have in common?

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