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Mirror BÓN

An oak mirror covered in matt varnish will be perfect as an addition to the furniture from the BÓN collection. It allows you to extend the functionality of the desk or oval bedside cabinet. 

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imoje - blik, visa, ing, pko, mbank, credit agricole, alior bank, milenium, citi handlowy, eurobank, getin bank, santander, ideabank

Wooden modular mirror

The round mirror is the second - besides the cake stand - designer addition to the BÓN multifunctional furniture collection. It can be screwed to the desk or bedside cabinet, thus expanding the functionality of the furniture and improving its usefulness. Assembly and removal of the element is very simple and takes only a moment. When the mirror is unscrewed, the mounting hole in the furniture is sealed with a brass plug. The mirror frame is made of solid oak, as is its thin leg. It is an accessory that combines functionality and interesting design, being both practical and pretty.

Desk and bedside mirror

After screwing a round mirror to the desk from the BÓN collection, the furniture can be used as a dressing table. The size of the mirror allows you to see your entire face yet small enough not to take up much of your work surface. The use of a narrow slender leg also helps save space. A mirror screwed onto the bedside cabinet will be useful for evening facial ceremonies, such as rubbing creams and oils into the skin. It's also good for when you wake up and want to look at yourself and comb your hair before leaving the bedroom. Tilting the mirror slightly upwards makes it more comfortable to use.

Modular solutions

A great advantage of multifunctional furniture accessories from the BÓN collection is their modularity. The mirror is not permanently attached to the furniture and its screwing and unscrewing is not only simple, but also very fast. With several pieces of furniture from the collection and both additional elements (a mirror and a cake stand) in your home, you can swap them and create many different arrangements. For example, if you work from home, you can use the desk as a dressing table with a mirror. In turn, during a meeting with a client, you may want to replace the mirror with a cake stand and place a decorative vase with flower on top of it.

Polish oak - durable and elegant

The mirror frame and its leg are made of solid wood carefully protected with a matt, colourless varnish. This gives the oak a natural raw finish. The designers of accessories for BOŃ furniture collection were inspired by Scandinavian style not only when creating the concept of the mirror's form and its practical multifunctionality, but also with ecology in mind. All processes and materials necessary for the production of the mirror take place and are sourced in Poland. The end result is a product that is close to nature, durable and elegant.

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