Plywood round table

From zł890.00
Plywood round table White is a universal color that never goes out of style. Its use is a simple and aesthetic way to decorate a bright and fashionable interior. The white color of the furniture, combined with wood, will brighten any interior. The material from which the table top is made is plywood. Plywood has high strength in relation to its weight....

Solid oak square table

From zł290.00
Solid oak square table The Basic collection is not only a stool or a coffee table, it is also a round and square oak table. Beauty and nature are their watchwords, and their universality is their unquestionable advantage. Wooden tables have always and probably will remain in fashion forever. The oak table, both round and square, thanks to its natural...

Round plywood stool

From zł129.00
Round plywood stool Bold and modern color. It fits perfectly with wood giving it an elegant style. It fits perfectly also into the loft atmosphere of the interior. The material from which the stool is made is plywood. Most importantly, MoonWood furniture can be used for many activities. The stool can be placed at the table, but also in the kitchen....

Square plywood stool

From zł132.00
Square plywood stool Whiteness will never go out of fashion - we are sure of that. It is a color so neutral that it can be combined with many of the boldest variations. The white wooden stool included in the Basic collection gives us such possibilities thanks to its neutral form and color. The option of selecting the color of the legs allows us a...

Solid oak square stool

From zł140.99
Solid oak square stool Our  collection could not be complete without a piece of furniture such as an oak stool. They have won the sympathy of many customers thanks to their multitasking and simple form that will fit anywhere. In the Basic collection, the stools have oak seats, thanks to which their appearance is even more impressive. Oak is a very durable...
From zł146.00
Round stool made of solid oak Wood is a material that evokes positive and reflective associations. Drawing inspiration from nature, we follow the current trend focused on contact with nature. An oak stool made entirely of solid wood. This raw material is extremely universal, always fashionable and fits any style. The stool is ideal for any room - kitchen,...

Round solid beech stool

From zł107.00
Round solid beech stool Sometimes it happens that we would like to change something in our home. Something small, small, but with a big effect. Bearing in mind the possibility of changes in the arrangement of the house, MoonWood created a multi-functional wooden stool. One that will change whenever we feel like it. Beech stool, which can be irreplaceable...

Ruben oak table

Ruben - the oak table from our collection is a unique style and form. Its unique black, metal legs are made of a profile, thanks to which it remains fully stable. The top of our table is a thick, solid oak, which emphasizes its uniqueness. Wood has not been warming the climate of our interiors for today, it also fits virtually everything and has not gone...

Bookcase BOX

We would like to present you a bookcase from the latest BOX collection. The unique shape and form, as well as stylish legs make it ideally suited to every corner of our household. It will nicely display books, photos and other decor elements that you want to put on it.
Iron Oak

Iron Oak table

From zł636.00
The industrial style table in your home. Wood has been present in our homes for centuries. It owes its extraordinary popularity to the uniqueness of designs, to the unlimited range of possibilities of use, but above all to naturalness, lightness and durability. Can all these advantages be used creatively? Yeah! A great example is the Iron Oak K loft oak...
From zł751.00
We present an industrial oak table, which is an ideal piece of furniture for practically most interior styles. It is universal which makes it great
Iron Oak

Iron Oak Gray Round Table

Preparing to buy a new table for the home, we visit countless exhibitions showing us different ways of interior design. When we stop before the next arrangement is an attempt to transfer the visible image to our own apartment in the imagination and thus follows the thought whether it is this space and how "I" will I feel inside it. Regardless of how much...

Freja oak bench

Freja, Oak bench with metal legs. A unique product of our collection - an oak bench with metal legs, which will undoubtedly occupy a leading place in every home. Our oak bench, whose top is solid oak, in a rustic style, is a kind of "warmer" of any space. Metal legs made of a black flat bar combined with an oiled top is minimalism and elegance in itself....


Small, large, with or without an island, combined with the dining room and living room, light or dark. It can be different for everyone, but still very important. It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is here that delicious meals are created for the loved ones, and for good reason even the best party usually moves to the kitchen. We strive to make our kitchen properly arranged and easy to move around. The kitchen is often equipped with wooden furniture - timeless and durable. When designing your dream kitchen, it is worth considering what effect we want to achieve. What is necessary for us and what we can give up in order to organize ourselves better. Then there is only the choice of furniture and the right appliances for everyday use.

Cuisine choice

When it comes to kitchen design, you can use the services of a professional or using recently fashionable applications. On the web you can find many, even free solutions that will help us create our dream kitchen. At this stage, it is worth considering the arrangement of household appliances. Small kitchens can be quite a challenge here. However, they can also impress with their beauty and functionality with the right concept.

When it comes to the style in which it will be created, it is worth choosing one dominant. If it is connected with the rest of the house, it is worth choosing a common denominator that will merge it with the rest of the house.

Kitchen equipment

Even at the design stage, it is worth anticipating our needs and expectations for the new kitchen. If we want it to be a kind of storage area, then we should think about higher buildings and create something like a pantry. However, if we want it to become the heart of the home, we should find a place for a table, chairs and comfortable seats.

In this case, MoonWood comes in handy, as it offers a number of stools, benches and tables. A huge selection of sizes and colors will allow you to match them to a kitchen arranged in virtually any style. Wooden stools used in the kitchen are elements that can play many roles. However, they are best suited for seating by the island or as an extra seat for us or for guests. 

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