Living room

The BOX RTV cabinet is minimalistic, scandinavian-style piece of furniture. This 4-legged RTV cabinet is perfect for those who appreciate simplicity. It has 3 shelves and 3 drawers, allowing you to store all necessary RTV components. The drawers' front is made of oiled oak wood, which gives it a classic character. The cabinet's body is made of durable MDF...
Our BOX furniture collection has now been permanently joined by an extraordinary Scandinavian-style chest of drawers with 4 drawers. The fronts of the cabinet and drawers are made of rustic oak wood, finished with oil, while the body is lacquered white. The wood for the production of this chest of drawers is obtained entirely in a responsible manner,...
One of the most useful pieces of furniture in our home has always been a chest of drawers. You can store all sorts of things in it, from spools of thread to cosmetics, to lingerie. Our Scandinavian-style chest of drawers BOX has eight drawers that allow for endless storage possibilities. With it, your treasures will be organized and sorted, just as you...

White BOX hanging shelf with wood

The hanging shelf from our BOX collection is a functional piece of furniture that is made from durable MDF painted in white color. The shelf features a natural oak wood finish on the shelf and sides, giving it a stylish Scandinavian look. It's a simple yet elegant design that will fit perfectly in any room, from modern living rooms to classic spaces. It...
The BOX coffe table is a unique piece of furniture that can serve many purposes in our home. It is most commonly used as a table where we can relax and have coffee with our loved ones. However, it can also be used as a cabinet for TV or audio equipment. Its multifunctionality constantly surprises us and we continue to find new uses for it. Delivered in...

Scandinavian-style bookcase BOX

Scandinavian style bookcase is a great piece of furniture for those who love simplicity and minimalism. It has 4 legs, 4 shelves and one drawer. The front of the drawer is made of oiled oak, which gives it a classic character. The body of the bookcase is made of durable MDF painted white. The bookcase is a great solution for those who have little space in...
A wooden chest of drawers with two drawers and cabinets. Additional rounded shelves on the sides. The characteristic fluted surfaces give it a modern character, but it will also fit well in boho or vintage interiors. Solid oak is a material that ensures stability and durability. The surface has been treated with a special matt varnish that creates a raw...
A simple-shaped wooden chest of drawers with a door. Thanks to the fluted fronts it has a modern character. However, it will also fit into boho and vintage interiors. This chest of drawers is made of oak wood and has no handles – instead, a convenient push-to-open system is built in. Its surface is covered with a matt varnish that looks like raw wood. It...
BÓN Collection

High chest of drawers with fluted fronts, BÓN

Wooden chest of drawers with two drawers and cupboards. Characterised by its simple shape and fluted fronts, it features a push-to-open system so there are no handles. The solid oak chest of drawers has been treated with a clear matt varnish to give it a raw wood effect. Fits vintage, boho and above all contemporary interiors. Easy to maintain surface....
BÓN Collection

Chest of drawers with fluted fronts, BÓN

A wooden chest of drawers made of solid oak in an oval shape and with fluted surfaces. Perfect for modern, vintage and boho style interiors. Its matt, lacquered surface mimics the raw oak and gives the chest of drawers a natural appearance. There are rounded shelves on the sides. There are no handles in this chest of drawers - we've incorporated an...
BÓN Collection

TV cabinet with fluted fronts, BÓN

A wooden chest of drawers. A multifunctional furniture - it can be used as a TV cabinet. It has a modern design owing to its fluted fronts and rounded shapes. Instead of handles, it features the convenient push-to-open system. The surface has been finished with a high quality matt varnish with raw oak effect that slows down the natural yellowing of the...
BÓN Collection

Oval oak coffe table, BÓN

A solid round oak coffee table. The surface is coated with matt lacquer that is easy to keep clean. In addition, this varnish gives the oak a raw wood effect. A compact table that will work well in small spaces. We provide free delivery of already assembled furniture. The project was awarded in the Good Design 2021 competition. Made in Poland Dimensions:...
BÓN Collection

Oak bookcase 154 cm, BÓN

A bookcase for books, flowers or other everyday objects. This bookcase is very stable, thanks to its construction and the solid oak from which it is manufactured. Thanks to our bookcase, your space will be tidy and the interior will acquire an original character. The surface is covered with matt varnish giving it the effect of raw wood. Rounded corners...

Oak wardrobe, BÓN

From zł7,676.00
Wooden wardrobe for clothes, which will perfectly fit into a bedroom or a hallway. Inside it has a convenient hanger and a shelf above it, while in the lower part there are two spacious drawers. The wardrobe was made of the highest quality solid oak, and the surface was covered with mat varnish which gives the effect of raw wood. Fluted fronts add a...
From zł1,086.00
We present an industrial oak table, which is an ideal piece of furniture for practically most interior styles. It is universal which makes it great
From zł795.00
The thick (40 mm) top underlines the extraordinary craftsmanship. Natural furniture is becoming more and more popular. More people decide to buy it, and by their positive opinion the other buyers' opinions are shaped. This piece of furniture will not only provide a great complement to the interior, but will also be an original part of the decoration....
From zł796.00
A square oak table Natural wooden furniture is not only a home decoration, but a timeless character as well as irreplaceable quality and durability for many years. They are resistant to mechanical damage. Natural wooden furniture is perfect for allergy sufferers and young children due to the fact that the wood has anti-static properties. They will...
From zł382.00
Natural material Natural and ecological furniture made of wood and plywood obtained in a responsible way from Polish forests. Simple, modern design combined with timeless colors. The stool is made of wood, which guarantees durability. The wood looks great in any interior, thanks to which the stools successfully come back to the contemporary arrangements....
From zł425.00
Rectangular table made of solid oak Wood is a material that evokes positive and reflective associations. Drawing inspiration from nature, we follow the current trend focused on contact with nature. The coffee table made entirely of oak wood fits perfectly into any room.

Oval plywood bench

From zł566.00
Oval plywood bench The living room is the place in our home where we spend the most time. So let's make sure that this place is cozy and properly equipped. A wooden bench from our Basic collection will definitely help us in this. The elegance of this unusual piece of furniture will delight many users, and its simple form will allow it to be arranged in...

Solid oak square table

From zł583.00
Solid oak square table The Basic collection is not only a stool or a coffee table, it is also a round and square oak table. Beauty and nature are their watchwords, and their universality is their unquestionable advantage. Wooden tables have always and probably will remain in fashion forever. The oak table, both round and square, thanks to its natural...

Round plywood stool

From zł217.00
Round plywood stool Bold and modern color. It fits perfectly with wood giving it an elegant style. It fits perfectly also into the loft atmosphere of the interior. The material from which the stool is made is plywood. Most importantly, MoonWood furniture can be used for many activities. The stool can be placed at the table, but also in the kitchen....

Square plywood stool

From zł213.00
Square plywood stool Whiteness will never go out of fashion - we are sure of that. It is a color so neutral that it can be combined with many of the boldest variations. The white wooden stool included in the Basic collection gives us such possibilities thanks to its neutral form and color. The option of selecting the color of the legs allows us a...

Solid oak square stool

From zł240.00
Solid oak square stool Our  collection could not be complete without a piece of furniture such as an oak stool. They have won the sympathy of many customers thanks to their multitasking and simple form that will fit anywhere. In the Basic collection, the stools have oak seats, thanks to which their appearance is even more impressive. Oak is a very durable...

Living room

The living room is undoubtedly the place in our home where we spend the most time. We want the furniture we use in it to be unique. It is a place where we relax after a hard day with a cup of tea. It is a place where we spend time together with our loved ones, as well as a place where we receive our guests. Therefore, it is no wonder that we care about its original design. As a result, we are more likely to decide on exceptional and unique wooden furniture that meets our tastes 100%. We cannot compromise on the arrangement in the living room. This is a place where we must ensure the comfort and pleasure of staying in it.

How to arrange a living room?

There are plenty of ways to arrange a living room. The easiest way is to choose the style that suits us best - starting from classic and rustic, through loft, Scandinavian and boho styles, to modern and glamor. Each of them is fascinating and each one stands out from the rest. Often, however, you can notice the mixing of styles in the arrangements. It is an increasingly popular practice that successfully finds its followers.

However, it does not matter in what style we arrange our dream salon. The most important thing is that we feel at ease in it. That is why it is not worth following faithfully and copying exactly a certain style. It must depend on us what the dream salon will look like, not on what a specific style imposes on us. Therefore, let's not hesitate to mix styles and choose elements as soon as we think about it.

Benches, tables and coffee tables

Regardless of what style of arrangement you choose, MoonWood offers unique wooden furniture for the living room. We find among them furniture of various forms, sizes and colors, such as benches, tables, coffee tables, TV cabinets, as well as shelves and chests of drawers. All furniture is made of safe and harmless materials with great attention to every, even the smallest detail. 

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